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40 pages | Saddle-stitch Paperback | Red Flag Poetry/Press

The River is Everywhere
by Amanda Oaks

The River is Everywhere by Amanda Oaks is a short collection of poems that explore the relationship the poet has with the river through incredible means. This chapbook forces readers to answer questions that we'd never thought we'd have to answer; " But—/when was the last time you stirred the sky?" Through her powerful and personal lines, Oaks gets personal, gritty, and spiritual.

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44 poems | 8.7 MB

When Minerva’s Knees Hit the Ground
by Amanda Oaks

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This collection was created with deep love & respect for Deftones’ music. I chose 22 songs from their catalog & made erasure poems from them. Each of the erasure poems are paired with an original sister poem (including 2 collaboration pieces with Wesley Scott McMasters) & the titles of those sister poems are short lyrics from the songs they are coupled with.

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34 poems | 4.3 mb | Cover Art by Alexandra Eldridge

Where’d You Put the Keys Girl
by Amanda Oaks

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Tori Amos inspired chapbook: a homage to Tori & her revolutionary art, where a handful of songs were chosen from her first four albums & made into erasure poems & each of the erasure poems have an original sister poem & the title of that sister poem is a short lyric from the song. The collection is sectioned off by album.

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I Eat Crow + Blue Collar at Best
Poems by Amanda Oaks + Zach Fishel

Home is where the heart is and both poets’ hearts were raised in the Appalachian region of Western Pennsylvania surrounded by coal mines, sawmills, two-bit hotel taverns, farms, churches and cemeteries. These poems take that region by the throat and shake it until it’s bloody and then, they breathe it back to life. This book is where you go when you’re looking for nostalgia to kick you in the teeth. This is where you go when you’re 200 miles away from a town you thought you’d never want to return to but suddenly you’re pining for it. Amanda and Zach grew up 30 miles from each other and met as adults through poetry. Explore both the male and female perspective of what it’s like to grow up hemmed in by an area’s economic struggle. These poems mine through life, love, longing and death, they’re for home and away, and the inner strength that is not deterred by any of those things.

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