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2013 - 2018 Online Poetry Publications + Interviews + Reviews:

Lei or Choke Chain | Ghost City Review
3 Poems | Philosophical Idiot
Hot Spell | Philosophical Idiot
Review of The River is Everywhere | Hobo Camp Review
Three Poems | Anti-Heroin Chic
Ode to the Knife | THRUSH Poetry Journal
2 Poems | The Black Napkin
This Poem Was Written Inside The River | The Rising Phoenix Review
The River in the Morning | The Rising Phoenix Review
The River Holds the Ghost Ship Through Her Grief | Heavy Feather Review
The River Carries a Photograph of You | The Rising Phoenix Review
Fifteen Stitches | Thought Catalog
The River’s Coldest Night | Yellow Chair Review
Two Erasure Poems | Drunk in a Midnight Choir
Hypnotized By Your Name | Thought Catalog
Review of When Minerva’s Knees Hit the Ground | cahoodaloodaling
Mixed Media Poem Art | Duende
Interview with Rachel Nix | cahoodaloodaling
Insurgency | Red Flag Poetry (audio) + (interview)
Four Poems | By&By Poetry
Four Erasure Poems | Drunk in a Midnight Choir
Shake Your Love | Pankhearst (contest)
Five Poems | Rusty Truck
Two Poems | decomP (with audio)
When You Ask Me to Describe the Grief | Lunch Ticket
3 Poems | Persephone's Daughters
Heart-Shaped Box | Lunch Ticket
How To Live in the Present | Remarkable Doorways Literary Magazine
How To Stay Strong | Stone Highway Review Issue 3.3 July 2014
If Our Beginning & End Shared a One Bedroom Apartment | Words Dance (with audio)
You Flood | Voicemail Poems (with audio)
3 Poems | Olentangy Review Spring 2014
How to Appear Dangerous | Walking Is Still Honest (with audio)
3 Poems | Mojave River Review Winter 2014
No Gods in the Water | Right Hand Pointing
Listen To My Eyes | The Hydeout
Breakfast | Black Heart Magazine
Contend | Dressing Room Poetry Journal
If You Were a City | The Fat City Review
How to Pick Up the Pieces | Stirring : A Literary Collection
Before the Traffic Light Flipped | Up the Staircase Quarterly